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Agile Philanthropy & Collaboration (ap&co.) is a futurist philanthropy advising agency that works hip to hip with visionary philanthropic leaders, nonprofits and NGOs to transform audacious visions and scale them into actionable realities.

We provide fractional fundraising support through an agile agency model to provide organizations with the flexibility to respond to market and organizational needs in real-time. 

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Our Services

ap&co. exists to scale philanthropic resources for nonprofit and NGO solutionaries addressing critical issues for people and planet.

Our model is designed to increase collective impact, reduce duplication and inefficiencies and to build the capacity for organizations to innovate & scale.

We support innovative funders, foundations, corporations and philanthropists with an efficient model for aligning capacity building supports that lead to sustainable growth and increased impact at scale. 

Scaling Impact Mastermind Groups

Foundations & funder supported mastermind groups for capacity building support, peer learning and innovation.

Futurist Strategic Planning

Strategic planning services using futurist, agile and OKR models to meet current and future market trends.

Fractional Fundraising Support

We fill in gaps for organizations in their fundraising departments through strategy, donor connection curation, grant writing, and relationship building.

Collective Philanthropy Portfolio Curation

We support philanthropists in development of philanthropic portfolios to meet their impact goals.

OKR Audit & Coaching

We are the first agency to provide nonprofit and NGO specialized OKR.

Capacity Building/Scale Audit & Strategy Development

Growth strategy applying sustainability at scale.

Agile Leadership Assessment & Mastermind Groups

Build a best in class agile philanthropy practice.

 Joyologist Certification

A specialized certificate for futurist fundraisers to upskill and cross-functionalize their talent to bring greater joy to the work while  scaling resources and impact through greater efficiency.

Agile Philanthropy Certification

We offer a best in class agile philanthropy certificate for nonprofit and NGO leadership wishing to apply agile leadership mindset for scale.

Kind words from our partners

Ap&co. increased our revenues by over 200% within the first 6 months and then coached us in how to expand our leadership mindset to reach even greater scale.

Michael K.
International NGO

The need for fractional and flexible fundraising support services within the nonprofit sector could not be greater after the pandemic and with the shortage of talent for fundraising after the great resignation. ap&co. offers such a valuable option for organizations that need more fundraising support but also need the ability to flex the services from month to month.

Maureen H. 
Nonprofit Fundraising Academy 

Ap&co.’s donor connection briefs and donor connection approach design are brilliant. We have been able to connect and align with donors on much deeper level because we are focused on the value connections and in exchanges are not just thinking about what we want to tell them, but what we have to learn from them. This approach is going to change our organization for years to come.

Climate Change Fund

We have so many clients asking for guidance on where to give but wealth advisors do not have the time or capacity to gather the adequate information for all of our clients on philanthropy. ap&co.’s curation process gave us the option of sharing a white label offering to provide greater support for these clients that mirrored the quality of our investment advising. They also centered the focus around family philanthropy which is going to increase our longevity with these family’s as their wealth advisors for years to come.

Rob S. 
Wealth Management Office 

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